31 Aug 2018

Your support has led us to SC★TTT Only D & T Shop Items such as Cold Embrace (D), Haunt, Rupture, & Sunder (T). Thank you!

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18 Jul 2018

Due to your assistance, we now have a brand new HUD, a headshot distance indicator, as well as detective voice chat!

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By SC | Nota

09 Jul 2018

Your help has supported us in more SC★TTT content such as Humiliation for crowbar kills and our traitor Auto-Ghost system... Read more
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24 Jun 2018

Your recent donations helped lead us to our customized Traitor Led First Blood add-on as well as other premium content.

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07 May 2018

Stay up to date with all our recent news in the Announcements section on our forums!

http://www.spacecat... Read more
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We will generally be announcing updates on the forums whenever we are aiming towards a specific goal such as potential content, a custom map down the road, as well as other goodies. The more involved you are the more up to date you'll be on our progress of whatever goals we have planned!